Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Christmas is over. . .

Good Morning... I had a lovely time with my friend in the North Pole. Feeling very relaxed and refreshed I stomped back into my life and back into twittering robins and star searching. 

It was hopeless, every star I came up with was refused. In the end I suggested to the robin's and the little girl that we make our own star. Robins' like making things, mainly nests and a great deal of mess. 

So I cut out a cardboard star, the robin's and little girl set about ripping up the pages of an old rubbishy book. (If any children are reading this, ask an adult before tearing up books. Most books are special and must be looked after and cared for. And above all read). 

Then the fun messy part began, we got some white runny glue and stuck the bits of paper all over the the cardboard star. Once dry we dabbed a little gold paint  here and there voila.... A Christmas tree star that my twittering robin's were happy with.
To all my Family and Friends I wish you good health and lots of Fun and Nonsense for 2013


Laura said...

So adorable Catherine! I plan on having lots of nonsense for 2013! Happy New Year and thanks for being so inspiring! xo

Melody said...

I'm putting that on my list of things to do in 2013: find some time for fun and nonsense.
Love the star! *chirp*chirp* !!
Happppy New Year to you!! :)))))

Unusual Girl Studios said...

Wow! Haven't been to visit in awhile and you have got a whole new look! Love it!