Thursday, 21 November 2013

Two shepherds and one sheep. . .

Desktop Primary School is getting ready for the annual Nativity. Old stripy curtains and tea towels are being hunted down for shepherd costumes, any velvety plush ones are being reserved for the King's, of course. Darling little angels are ransacking the Christmas decorations for tinsel. Joseph and Mary are arguing about which one of them is going to hold Baby Jesus. Angel Gabriel's Mum is insisting that her Angel Charmaine, should have the bigger more glittery wings as she does have a starring role. She doesn't think that last years wings can be reused so has decided that she'll have the wings made by some designer she knows....

My young neighbours Josh and Ben thought it would be a good idea to take Dolly the sheep along for dress rehearsals. "We're the shepherds" said Josh "and theperds need sheeps" added Ben. 

I think Miss Lovelace the teacher is going to need a very large Sherry when she gets home.... :)

Just a little Fun and Nonsense here at Shelf Corner... :) xx


  1. The nativity story sounds par for the
    Love the wonderful scene you have created, Annette x

  2. What a great story to go along with your cute art. It reminds me of the book "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever". Do you know it?

  3. Hehe! Brings back memories!! Love the painting and the giggles xx

  4. What a gorgeous way to recreate something so special Catherine!

  5. Lol! So cute and amusing Catherine. Makes me smile every visit! :0)

  6. Clearly, bigger MORE glittery wings are in order.... how could one doubt it? :)))))))
    ....I think Miss Lovelace ought to keep a dust pan and brush on hand.... just in case the Sheeps have any accidents on stage. he he he

  7. Love the scene you draw. Have a nice weekend.
    Liefs, Melanie

  8. Love your wonderful painting and your amusing story. Of course the shepherds had to take their sheep.


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