Thursday, 9 January 2014

He's behind you. . .

Hello everyone,
My Christmas was quiet and New Year celebrations even quieter...which suited Mr Hollywood and I just fine.  Neither of us felt like dancing the light fandango till all hours, so we happily snored our way through the New Year and got up on the 1st feeling great, which was a first... :)

Shelf corner has been host to a little Panto, it being Panto season and all. Little Red Riding Hood and Alice have been bossing Wolf and Rabbit about all week.  Rabbit wanted to be Wolf and hide behind the oak tree and scare everyone. The girls however were not impressed by Rabbits impression of Raving Rabbids so Wolf got the Wolf part and Rabbit sulked off down his hole.  After that Rabbit was given the Prima Donna role so now we have one happy bunny... :)

That's my Fun and Nonsense for this week... what Fun and Nonsense has been going on in your world... :)