Wednesday, 29 January 2014

50 is the new 5. . .

Loveday Catkin. . .
Hello, grab a cuppa and sit yourself down by the fire.  It's been cold and wet here and it doesn't look like it's going to change anytime soon.

Pickle (my office chair pinching cat) and I had been cooped up all day last Wednesday due to the terrible weather we've been having.  We had just been moaning about the rain when there was a nano second of sunlight that burst through the clouds so we decided to stretch our legs and wonder to the bottom of the garden.  (Pickle desperately need to have a tinkle too).  Anyway, at the bottom of the garden is a small wood and Pickle wanted to show me some very unusual mushrooms that she had found.  She says that the fairies use the pinky reddy flat ones as flooring for their homes.  They are cut into strips and polished with beeswax to bring out the colours.  Wow just imagine.. :)  She has no idea about the other one but it's an odd mushroom.

While we were rooting and scratching about down there we bumped into Miss Loveday Catkin, she'd been out to gather some acorns and invited us in for a cup of mint tea.  Pickle told me that she spends most of her days curled up in front of Loveday's stove when I'm out at work (and there I was worried that she was out in the cold and rain).  Loveday and I had a lovely chat, mostly about the books she has on her shelf.  All too soon it was time to head back up the hill home.  But, I'll be back.. :)

A couple of days later I was in my kitchen just about to drink my tea when a teacup mermaid popped up to say hello.  She had heard that I was going to be 50 and wanted me to make sure to save her some birthday cake.  On Saturday the 25th of January I turned 50 which is fine...I just totally ignore the "0" which leaves "5"...a perfect age to be... :) xx

 The lovely Vira contacted me a little while ago and asked if I would mind giving an interview for Fairies and Co...I was over the moon and what an honor to be asked.  So you are cordially invited to come with me in my magic caravan and we'll pop over to Fairies and is a fantastic place, guaranteed to make you smile... :D

That's my Fun and Nonsense... :) xx