Wednesday, 15 January 2014

My brolly is dancing in the rain. . .

Hello everyone,
January is a funny old month and I don't mean funny haha but funny peculiar.  I always feel flat in Jan, probably because the weather is naf, cold and wet, I also get one year older in Jan (always a joy :(). And this year the weather fairies have pulled out all the stops and are busy draining their pools onto our heads... :(  and I turn 50, yay. My wellies are well and truly worn in and my brolly is as happy as Larry to be out and about so much.  I, on the other hand just want to jump into my little Gypsy Caravan and head off to the sunshine and, a deserted island thrown in, would be just the ticket.
Working through the block...start with a mess and draw a circle...
However, I'm stuck here, feeling blah.  My Mojo has packed her whooping big suitcase and has gone on a world cruise (without me). The Time Wizard keeps messing with me...he thinks it's a great game to either make time go really quick so I can't keep up or he has me in a go slow never getting to the end of stuff, mode.  All in all, I'm going nowhere fast and I'm finding it really hard to paint or do anything actually.
then draw more circles and paint over the mess.
then a spot of computer colour filtering to pass the time...
et voila!

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