Thursday, 17 April 2014

Book Cover Competition - "The Princess and the Stinky Cheese" , "Goldilockup" and Mongoose's Holi Party

Final re-work...

Bonjour, good day and hi,  
The lovely Susanna Leonard Hill is running a competition for illustrators this month and as you can imagine I jumped straight in.  Last month Susanna ran a short story competition and there were 10 winners, you can read their stories here. The illustrators competition is to illustrate an 8x10 book cover for one of those stories... or more...
I choose, actually the story choose me... "The Princess And The Stinky Cheese" by Lauri Meyers.   I love love love Princesses ( I am one ) and the gooyier the runnier and stinkier the cheese I'm your gal.  Laurie's story jumped up and down and waved it's arms about and shouted to me to illustrate wouldn't take no for an answer.  So there you have it, my illustration of Princess Peabody and the stinky cheese. Then there was Mike Allegra who in the comments section, jumped up and down and waved his arm about shouting "pick "Goldilockup", MY, story to illustrate".  What could I do... I couldn't ignore a writers' desperate plea,  so I whipped out my box of paints and charged to the challenge.  


Loved Darshana Khiani's Mongoose Holi couldn't resist doing the cover for this one too... :) 

Mongoose's Holi Party

I'd like to say that it is was all plain sailing but who would have guessed that illustrating a darn smelly cheese would be so difficult.  Have popped some of my re-works below.  Love painting brick walls,  very therapeutic. Fingers crossed that the judges like my artwork... :)

Original watercolour :) 

Re-work stinky cheese take 3... still not working!!!

The cheese just wasn't working...

I'm happy to say that Lauri and Mike both love what I've done...

That's my Fun and Nonsense for now....let me know what you think.. :)