About Me. . .

Hello, I'm Catherine Constance illustrator and writer of all the"Fun and Nonsense" that you will find here.

My pens and pencils are jammed packed full of fun characters just waiting for me to set them free. Once out onto paper, some wait patiently for me to colour them in and others are quite vocal about what colours I should use or not use. Some like to blurt out their story the minute they set foot onto paper and others need coaxing with cups of tea and chocolate... ;)

"It's just a bit of fun and nonsense, ducks.." is something my Nan used to say...She was a London gal born and bred... She had lots of funny sayings.  "Face like a bustic boot" was one...have no idea what a bustic boot is or was.  Maybe one day I'll find out.

I have lived and work in South West France for the last 14years, I'm now back in England and a new chapter of my life is starting.  I have two wonderful grown up daughters, both of whom are following their dreams.  Who could ask for more.

This is a snippet of who I am and what I do, hope you enjoy all my "Fun and Nonsense"
Catherine x