Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Rain rain rain, go away. . .

Just a leaf...floating on the wind.

May is nearly over and all my little trips here and there are now at an end. It's head down and work work work from now on. There is artwork to be done, farmhouse renovations to be done, gardening work to be done...housework to be done and schoolwork to be done.  All of this is ok...I just wish the rain would be done and that great big hot yellow ball in the sky would come out, because all the above is so much more fun in the sun.

That's my Fun and Nonsense for

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Mermaids and Paris. . .

Hi everyone, I'm back home in the art bunker. No more trips here there and everywhere.  A couple of weeks ago I was knocking back the sangria's in Spain and chatting to mermaids basking on the beach. Only the mermaids were brave enough to mere mortals were huddled in our woollies and braving the elements.... because.....we were on holiday. (The sun no-where to be found!)
Last weekend I was sipping fine wines in Paris. The sun was well and truly absent and it was raining des chats et des chiens. But who cares, we were in Paris with friends having a great time.

That's my Fun and Nonsense....

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

What happened to global warming. .

 Last week I spent a few days north of Barcelona in Spain with friends.  We had a great time despite the cold front that blew in.  We were expecting bikini and suntan lotion weather...but oh non my little was, "I'm keeping my socks and thermal undies ON" 
It may be late Spring but it feels more like early winter. . .
Lots of yummy Sangria helped keep us warm and we braved the arctic conditions. (Slight exaggeration on my part but I'm only warm at around 30degrees C).   I did walk barefoot on the beach and I did stick my feet in the sea. Just can't help myself.  Instead of basking like an anemic beached whale hoping to transform into a cooked lobster, I put on my woolie jumpers, jacket and scarf and walked along the rugged coastline and discovered some beautiful little coves...

Am now home, back  in SW France where the weather is just as bad and the wheatbag is warming as I write this.  Off to Paris next weekend...fingers crossed the weather warms up....
To all those goggle eyed, hairy, smelly, scientists that have been banging on about global warming and drought for years...I stick my tongue out at you. 

Was hoping for a warmer Fun and Nonsense this week.... xxx

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Moo. . .

Hello Eveyone, sorry I haven't been around much. Work is taking over my life!!! ...That needs to stop.
I have lots of artwork on the go...but nothing that I can share for the moment.

I've also been trying to kept up with Carla Sonheim's course Ragamuffin animals... We were supposed to make a pony.  My Little Pony didn't want to be a Pony, she wanted to be a Moo Cow. Well you can't force someone to be what they don't want to be.  So here is my Moo Cow, made from scraps of material and paper.  I love sewing paper together, the needle makes a lovely chung chung chung sound.  

This is my 200 hundred year old French Farmhouse.  With her brand spanking new roof.  I'll be posting the inside pictures soon.  Got to go....this old lady (the house) needs lots more TLC.

Paper Saturday...I'm sharing and will be visiting everyone later. Save me a cake Lottie...xx
I'm also sharing with Sunday Sketches. :)

That's my Fun and Nonsense for now.. :) xxx