Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Halloween. . .

 When little witches and bunnies get ready for Halloween
A sight the like you've never seen.
The washing comes out, rub and scrub and dub a dub dub,
The moths take flight, what a hub bub.
Black cats howl and robin's scowl,
Watchout!...something spooky, is on the prowl,
Oh, it's only Mr Owl.

The cauldron is polished and ready to bubble,
The broom, the broom is all of a muddle.
Pumpkins, bats and little black hats, dance.
Twirling and swirling around and around, to the sound of a witches cackle.
The Moon is shining bright and white and full and stoic
Everyone is ready for a night of trick or treating, sweets and magic.

A little Fun and Nonsense from my Sketchbook... I know I'm no poet but it's a start... :D
I'm entering into this fun competition... Susanna Hill's Halloween Contest..

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Little Miss Farm girl. . .

Little Miss Farm girl came to play with Little Miss Hopi. Both of them are now in my dining room. The girls chat away telling me which colours to mix and what looks good and what doesn't. We have been working on a very large canvas.  Hence why we trickled out of the small art bunker into the dining room. The painting on the large canvas started out as one thing and has totally morphed into something completely different. I find that happens a lot when I'm using acrylics.

Sometime this week the girls and I will have to turn the dining room back into a dining room. The art bunker will have to be tidied again. My art supplies will have to squeeze themselves into small dark corners or possibly hide in the garage. That's a very scary thought.  Why, I hear you ask.....welll, The estate agent is coming to look at the house, which means that from now till we find a buyer, we will have to pretend that this is a show-house and no-one, no-one at all lives here.

That's my Fun and Nonsense for today...but shhhhhh I'm not here... :) xx
ps.  Am going to see if I can hide some stuff at Sunday Sketches.. :)

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Little Miss Hopi. . .

Having a great week  messing about with acrylic paints and big canvas's.   Little Miss Hopi stepped out of my canvas and is wandering about the dinning room.  She loves the new colours I've bought and has been busy splashing bright colours about.

That's my Fun and Nonsense today...

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Lurking under my desk. . .

Hello everyone, I managed to escape from Madame Whooohooo's tarot reading nonsense and since Wednesday I've been lurking under my desk.

Miss Arinée Kid a very large spider with a passion for knitting lives here under my desk. She spends her days knitting and spinning her own yarns, the most beautiful fine silk. I asked her if she dyes the yarn too. "Well deary, I used to but it's a very messy business, you know. I prefer to send out to the Chameleon brothers. They have the whole dyeing processes down to a fine art. They love nothing better than messing about with different colours all day".

Miss Arinée makes a lovely brew and the yummiestest victoria sponge cake. She's going to read my tea leaves later....wonder what she'll see... hope it's not a right murky mess...

What Fun and Nonsense are you up too....drop me a line and let me know... ;) xx

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Wednesday Mayhem. . .

Well here I am perched on this ruddy brunch with a disgruntled Owl. Madame Gypsy Rose Wooohooo is not best pleased. That makes two of us. Yes, I'm all for the magical White Deer taking up residence in my art bunker. After all she had a message for ME. I was right there with all the spiritual meaning, soft music and gentle bell chiming. I was taking onboard my renewal, going with the flow and  relaxing. There I was just beginning to tune in and comune with Mother Nature, spread my wings and be reborn (so to speak).  When the inevitable circus arrived. Well meaning do gooders that want to spread the Love.  Excuse me, the love was for ME. It was my turn, my time to shine and bask in the love. Me on my own AND NO SHARING!

Just for once I wanted it to be ME ME ME. Me in the spotlight, Me the centre of attention, Me getting accolades, ME.

But no, in MY art bunker, there are queues of magical beings and furry animals waiting to file past the White Deer and be smiled upon. Stalls with White Deer T-shirts and flags have sprung up over night.  I can't move in the bunker for acorn sellers and happy magical campers. Yippee, feeling the LOVE....

I thought I might take refuge up the oak tree till things calmed down.  And there I find Madame fluorescent 1980's Pink feathery blamonge Whooohooo telling fortune's to the stars. There she is telling Twinkle Twinkle Little Star that she has a bright future before her.   Ummmmmm, pish posh...

Off to find another hopefully quiet corner.... that's my Fun and Nonsense this wet a soggy Wednesday...xx

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Sketchbook antics. . .

If you stopped by here for tea and cake this week then you will know that a white deer came to visit me. She was very insistent on staying and is happily wandering around the art bunker.  In many cultures seeing a white deer is regarded as being very lucky and magical.  
Well dears, since she arrived I've been inundated with alsorts of peoples and creatures turning up unexpectedly in my sketchbook wanting to see the white deer.  These three tribal princesses stepped out of my sketchbook yesterday and are busy turning my art bunker into a magical forest for the white deer.
So I'm writing this while perched high up on a branch of a magnificent oak tree that just happens to have sprung up over night.... The owl that branch this is, is a little put out, so I better climb down and find somewhere else to perch. 

Am sharing my Fun and Nonsense with Paper Saturdays and Sunday Sketches Do hope it's a little quieter in your neck of the woods... :)

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

White Deer. . .

This week I signed up for Micki Wilde's The Secret Hermit's Wilde and Free class.  I'm loving it. I was stuck in a bit of a rut and wanted to get unstuck. So this week I'm being a Wild Woman and following my tribal spirits. I'm going barefoot and smelling the wild flowers and listening to the wind...

This beautiful serene and friendly white deer stepped onto my page. I did try shooing her away with my rubber. I had ideas of painting a fox but no. The white deer had a message for me and she wanted to be heard. "Renewal"
I knew instantly that she was telling me that my spirit was being renewed and I have to get ready for new beginnings.  That I have finally accepted past events and am ready to face the future. 
Which animal is calling to you?

That's my Fun and Nonsense...

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Hide and Seek. . .

Hello everyone
The weather here has been warm and wet. Unusually warm for this time of year and I'd like to say unusually wet but it seems to have rained all year so far. It's not your friendly little shower that waters your garden and makes things all bright and shiny. It's dog gone monsoon rain that flattens and drenches everything and everyone in it's path...

So. . .

I'm stuck indoors, which is ok but as you can see I have an elephant following me.  It's my own fault of course, I picked up my grey pencil and and out popped Evie. Everything would be fine except that Evie's favourite game is Hide and Seek. I live in a very small house so you can understand my predicament.
I did suggest we play some board games...always good on a wet day... Scrabble, elephants can't read, Monopoly, I hate monopoly. Mousetrap...don't even go there. Memory games, you can imagine who won all those.  And
we are back to Hide and Seek....I must go and hoover under the beds or I'll have dust monsters following me too......

That's my Fun and Nonsense...