Friday, 10 August 2012

Toodle pip . . .

 I'm off for a few days to catch up with two old friends...I've packed my little bag...(these days your only allowed to fly with one pair of knickers and a toothbrush. And God forbid you should be caught with a bottle of water!)... So I'm travelling a few art supply's and it's summer, who needs knickers anyway...:P   

I used to love travelling by air, now I hate it...your herded like cattle and then you have to nearly strip down to the buff to go through passport control...second thoughts...big granny knickers to travel in I think...then it's a rugby scrum to see who can get on the plane first....grrrrr.  Wish I could just wriggle my nose and ploufff...snap my  fingers and I'm there...where I want to be...wouldn't that be magic!

No I'm flying budget I've sharpened my elbows, been practising my glare (no-one will be pushing past me)...I could win a gold medal with my glare...and I've been on a diet so I can squeeze my little self into a small budget sized seat... der...I'm travelling alone so I think I will just wait till the last minute and wander gracefully onto the plane looking elegant and refreshed...only then I'll be sitting next to red sweaty person that barged their way on to do...? and I used to worry about how many bikini's to pack...

so dear bloggy friends, wish me Bon Voyage and I'll tell you all about my Fun and Nonsense when I get

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Bats. . .

Good morning Sunday Sketchers... I hope you have all had a brilliant week and weekend.
This little girl popped onto my page this week
 and then her little bat friend (whom I've drawn before) decided to fly in via the chimney...
Tut tut he's leaving sooty footprints behind him...oh dear more cleaning. He says he's very sorry but whooshing down the chimney is so much more fun than knocking on the front door...

I personally can't think of anything worse but then I'm not a chimney whooshing soot seeking furry bat creature... I must get the chimney sweeped or I'll be spending the rest of the summer cleaning soot.

I used Micron pens and watercolours.  I hated watercolours at school, just couldn't make them work, they were always wishy washy or too bright ...(bad workman always blames his tools).   Well now I'm getting the hang of blending and wet on wet or wet on dry etc...especially love it when I get to splatter.

That's my "Fun and Nonsense" for now...Catherine xxx

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Fiddling about on the roof . . .

When we are sad or happy we all like to wish upon a star...that's just how it is.

I'm sorry I haven't managed to catch up with you all these past few weeks...I am popping by to see what you are all doing even if I don't always leave comments.
 I'm messing about trying to help Mr Hollywood with the roof on my 200year old farmhouse. I say messing about, coz I can't get on the roof and I cling to the ladder like filmwrap. I'm pathetic with heights.  Mr Hollywood dances about on the roof like a sure footed gazelle and he smiles at me....grrr.  The brand spanking new roof is nearly finished, then we can concentrate on things that don't require me scaling the outside of buildings...Spider Woman I'm not.

My gorgeous talented daughter (oh I'm not biased, one little bit) Rebecca has started a blog...please take a look...The Film Writer  She is already a mega star in my eyes and one day wish upon a star she will be making films that the world will enjoy.

That's all the Fun and Nonsense for now...back to the roof!!!
Catherine xxx