Sunday, 16 February 2014

Cotton reels, teddy bear and sparkle. . .

I'm glad to report that my little Mojo is back. She went off on a round the world cruise just before Christmas, without so much as a by your leave.  She didn't even send me a postcard or a text to say she was ok and when she would be back.  She finally made it back to my Art Bunker early this week and everyone at Shelf Corner, especially me, is very happy to see her.

I knew Mojo was on her way back when earlier this week I was commissioned to do a logo.  One of my girlies and a cotton reel was the brief... I have a big mushy soft spot for cotton reels, especially the old fashioned wooden ones.  So I whipped out my old wooden reels and started sketching... I sketched, my little Mojo came hurtling back suitcases full to bursting point with ideas. She plonked herself down and started to tell me about all the wonderful places she has visited over the last couple of months. (Umpf, alright for some).

A friend of mine became a Granny last week and I wanted to paint something for the new baby. Baby's Mum is a cotton reels and teddy bears seemed just the thing... very happy to say that the sparkle is back.  Lets hope it stays for awhile... :)

That's my Fun and Nonsense... off to paint more cotton reels and baby teddy bears... :)
and to see what's going on at Sunday Sketches... :)