Sunday, 29 July 2012

Dancing in Mum's Shoes. . .

Every little girl likes to try on their Mum's shoes and twirl...I remember having lots of fun with my Mum's shoes and my Nan's sparkly dancing shoes.  My girls loved to put my shoes on too when they were little but now they are big and their feet are much to big to get my shoes on... Thought I'd share a page from my journal...
 I have made a few more of my naughty cards  from last week. They are for sale in my Etsy shop.

Hope you are all having a great weekend. I'm off the check out Sunday Sketchers for a little Fun and Nonsense.... Catherine xx

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Put the kettle on. . .

 Thank you to everyone that popped over to my Etsy shop and added me to their circle and shown support...big hugs to you...

I have managed to snatch a couple of hours to myself this week.. I made the card above and whilst showing it to my daughter over Skype she thought it read F**k the kettle...obviously the picture on Skype was blurry and my daughter is as blind as a bat... She's a student and drinks far too much tea and I had to make the card below...just for her and the flip side is that too much tea will have you racing every 5 minutes to the little girls room and too much wine will hurt a lot in the morning... 

I certainly do not recommend drinking too much wine...(have tried it... and yes it blooming well hurts in the morning)  Sometimes though tea just doesn't cut the mustard and a drop of wine seems like a jolly good idea at the time... would also like to point out that I usually don't use bad language either... it's just not lady like...

Apologies to anyone who is offended by my bad language but it is a little bit of Fun and Nonsense.
Catherine xxx

Friday, 20 July 2012

Drum roll, please. . .


Yes, I have finally pulled my finger out and opened my shop.
I'm doing little baby steps at the moment, finding my way around Etsy, Paypal and Postage costs.
For those of you who have been following me for awhile, you'll recognise the characters that have found their way onto my Moo cards.

Please check out my shop, the door is open and I would value any comments, things that need tweeking, changing or stuff I have forgotten or just not thought about.

I would appreciate you liking me on Facebook and adding me to your Etsy Circle if you have one and tell you friends where they can get their sticky mitts on some Fun and Nonsense

Am off to see what's going on at Paint Party Friday... and Sunday Sketchers

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Thinking. . .

Good Morning Sunday Sketchers...the sun was shining when I got up and now the clouds have rolled in, so the wildlife in my garden has been saved yet again from seeing me in my bikini.

I'm thinking hard and working hard on stuff to put in my Etsy Shop. There will be original paintings and cards. Fingers crossed by next Sunday I will be announcing a grand opening...

Wishing you all a little Fun and

Friday, 13 July 2012

I'm back. . .

A little drawing I did in my daughters' student kitchen while she made fairy cupcakes.
"Watch ya" back to "Bonjour".  I'm just back from a great few days  in Leeds catching up with family. It's my third trip to Leeds, fantastic city and the people are so friendly. It has everything going for it except the rubbish weather.  Can't complain really, it didn't rain much... 

When I got back home to my very quiet corner of France, two packages were waiting for me..

This beautiful painting and poem from my lovely friend Laura
and a fun book
that I was lucky enough to win from Ben Clanton

And my gorgeous Mr Hollywood bought me a bunch of Star Gazer lilies... I should go away more often. :D

That's all the fun and nonsense for this week x

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Journal Page. . .

Good Morning, here is a page from my joynal.  The two girlies standing together were printed on acid free tissue paper that I popped through my printer (the tissue paper edges were masking taped to ordinary copier paper before I put it through the printer), then I  used clear gesso to stick the tissue paper down in my joynal. 

It's a beautiful day today and I would love to stay in my bunker and paint or be in the garden...but no... I'm off to school to finish costumes and decor for the end of school play at the end of the week.   Yay...then I'm on holiday for two whole months... I'm so lucky..... :D

Hope everyone at Sunday Sketches is having a little "Fun and Nonsense" today...  xx