Sunday, 19 October 2014

One more sleep. . .

Hi Everyone,
My Fun and Nonsense Art Bunker and everyone at Shelf Corner has been packed and stored  for the house move this week.  A few of Shelf Corners residence have already been installed at their new temporary Shelf Corner. Only essential art materials have not been packed.
Other news...recently I did Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search 2014.  The assignment was Terrarium, which I loved doing.  A tiny world captured in a jar, just up my street.  I did three, the first one is the one I submitted.  I didn't make the cut but seeing the talent that did, I'm not surprised.  Following that I signed up for MATS.  Make Art That Sells.

One more sleep till class opens for MATS A.  I'm excited and nervous, usual first day butterflies.  My class mates are a seriously talented bunch of girlies and one London Lad.  Can't wait to get going and learn learn learn from the best.

That's my fun and nonsense...