Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Meet Granny Minch. . .

Is Granny Minch, hiding the little present.... or is she having a sneaky peek?  

If someone had told me three years ago I would be drawing characters like the last few that have popped up in my sketchbook lately, I would have laughed and told them "Not Possible" or as in my family we like to say "Pot Nossible!"  

I put my progress down to several things.... 1. I draw everyday, actually every spare minute. 2. I really look at objects and their shapes, whatever it is... 3. I get inspiration from other peoples work and incorporate the bits I like in my artwork. 4. A huge turning point has been doing Jane Davenports "Supplies Me"  and "I heart drawing" online courses. I've watched, listened, practised, and made a mess for the last few months..... I've mixed it all up, given it a huge big shake..... and tadah...voila...... something rather nice is happening to my drawings... I'm liken it!

Friday, 27 January 2012

Did you hear something? . . .

Yay it's Friday.... firstly thank you to everyone who left a comment on Sunday...so sorry I haven't managed to get back to you all...I've been sick and not been near the computer. I will catch up eventually. I have to start working on the illustrations for my story (first draft in the sticky paws of my critic)..... in the mean time.....

Boy and rabbit popped onto my page this week...... I wonder what's caught their attention in the woods? I can't wait to see what story evolves round them.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone..... xxx  and enjoy Sunday Sketches..

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Bobble Hat Girl. . .

Good morning everyone. . . I have a cold...attishooooooo? excuse me. I don't do soldiering on very well, I do pathetic, poor me, poor me, just let me go to bed and be ill in comfort. I won't share my bugs but I am sharing Bobble Hat Girl with you for Sunday Sketches.....Bobble Hat Girl popped up while I was taking a break from writing my story. First draft done and sent to my critic, who will hold no punches... my gorgeous daughter Rebecca.
Cup of tea and back to bed me thinks....x

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Polly and Fifi and my progress thus far. . .

Thank you, for all your encouraging comments last week..it gave me a huge boost and has kept me going each time I came to a grinding halt.
I've been scribbling away and sketching and making progress with my story. Even had two other stories vying for my attention..I jotted them down and have put them on the backburner for now.
Having the ideas is fine, no shortage on that front but getting my ideas onto paper and making it flow that is hard. Really hard. I'm like an old spluttering car wondering if the petrol will run out before I get to the top of the hill.  So far so good, the top of the hill is still a long way away and I keep having battery trouble.

I took a little pit stop and Polly and Fifi joined me for lunch after her early morning shopping trip to "The Sales". Polly found herself a darling little yellow dress with matching handbag and shoes...and a matching collar for Fifi.  "Perfect for this Spring and colour coordination is key..." she told me.  I wouldn't dare disagree.

Off to scribblers corner...see you next week with an update... xx

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

I wonder and day dream. . .

I've set myself a huge challenge for this year. It is to stop doubting my abilities... The little voice in my head is a megaphone, years of being told by teachers that I was thick "Don't bother, you don't get it, you can't do it". Dyslexia in those days = stupid! My spelling used to be atrocious. Going to bed every night and memorising  pages of my Little Oxford Dictionary helped....ask me any word now and I can pretty much tell you the meaning and my spelling isn't bad either. Maths...well...there is still the big panic....huge blank...like a computer that just freezes....then you have to reboot....mental arithmetic, it's mental!.....I've accepted the handicap...and it is a handicap in everyday life...and it makes me feel stupid. Heyho....one of life's little bumps..
I need to stop doubting myself so I can write and illustrate a children's book.....I have stories floating round my head....illustrations fluttering onto my pages....putting it all together, just out of reach. Till now... I have the story, beginning, middle and end.... I'm sure the middle and end will change but the skeleton is there. I have the characters.... I just need to put it all together....the hard graft. I know I can do it. 
The icing on the cake will be getting it published....if that doesn't happen. I will of course be really disappointed BUT...I will survive and I WILL try again.  At least I will be able to say "I tried." The fun is doing it and saying "I've done it."    Fingers crossed.... xxx

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Little Miss Isabel . . .

I sat down the other evening in front of the TV and intended to draw something happy...To my surprise Little Miss Isabel showed up looking all sad...well naturally I asked her what the matter was...she told me that she had found an abandoned fluffy KittyCat.... someone's unwanted Christmas present..

They are both staying with me for a time, while I make up a cosy background for them both...then I'm taking the plunge and putting them on Etsy...to see if they find a loving home...

Wishing you all good Health and Happiness for 2012!