Sunday, 31 March 2013

Bunnies and hens spells.... Easter :)

My little Easter bunny says...Happy Easter to you all!

 Have had a brilliant week at school this week.  On Monday Maitresse (Teacher-Miss) and the children built a hen house. It came as a kit with excellent instructions....phew!
We live in a rural area so chickens are very common, most grand-parents have them.  Non the less our children (a class of 24, 5 to 7 year olds) were really excited about having chickens...(Actually, Maitresse wanted chickens more than anyone).  On Wednesday, my day off. No school on Wednesday for Primary school children. I went and got two laying hens....we want eggs.
 Ta fat hens...perfect Easter present for the class. Les cocottes are now waiting for the children to give them names.  We are all becoming Chicken experts...soon there will be nothing we don't know about chooks... :)

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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Bumble Pink arrived yesterday. . .

It's a beautiful crisp Spring morning here... My bumble girls are buzzing about and Bumble Pink popped out of her cocoon yesterday and dried her beautiful gold shimmery wings in the sun.  She has now joined the other girls and is busy buzzing about waking up all the Spring flowers and helping the little birds with getting their nests ready....  I love Spring :D

Just a little Fun and Nonsense...

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Saturday, 23 March 2013

Bumble girls, owl and Spring. . .

Wednesday saw the first day of Spring...yippee!!!  The calendar may say that Spring has sprung but in my corner of the world it has been a little slow in coming out of hibernation.
Happily today, some bumble girls popped in to see me, to tell me that Spring was finally rubbing the sleepy winter dust from it's eyes and would be down for breakfast very soon. Spring has decided to have a bit of a lie in...

In the meantime my bumble girls are buzzing about telling the flowers and birds and me that we need to start getting ready for Springs coming out parade :D
Owlette plopped down from her perch to see what all the buzzing was about. . .

A little Fun and Nonsense goes along way. . .

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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Teacup Mermaids. . .

My week started quite quietly.  Princess asked me to build her a dolls house. No problem, one dolls house coming up. 
We decided she needed  a few flowers under the window sill and mismatching curtains.  She had been reading one of my house decorating magazines and fell in love with the idea of shabby chic. I didn't like to tell her it was a fancy name for "we can't quite afford a matching set" so "we'll mix and match what we can beg or borrow or steal from Mum's house".  Princess wanted a pink Aga in her dolls house. So I drew her a pink Aga.  There is something magical about Aga's, especially pink ones she said.  
I agree!
No sooner was the last lick of pink paint on the Aga when  Toot a red nosed dog and his friend Lily-Bo moved in.  They like pink Aga's too. 
Two more for tea I said...

Over a lovely cup of tea, the conversation turned to Lily-Bo's bunny ears. Fluffy Muffin, my office fairy thought it would be a great idea if we all dress up as bunnies for Easter and have an Easter Parade.
Umm.....I was contemplating what I would look like, dressed as the Easter Bunny and was about to take another sip of tea, when I noticed my tea started to bubble in the cup...that's very odd.  We all started to peer at my teacup when  POP...up jumped a mermaid.

 Right out of my teacup....mermaids like to listen in on teacup chatter and this mermaid was all excited about dressing up as a bunny for Easter.  She had her bunny ears on and everything.... in the time it takes to have a sip of tea......
 I had mermaids popping out of teacups and teapots and milk jugs....all wanting to be in the Easter Parade!

My advice to you all, is, be very careful about what you say around never know if there is a teacup mermaid living in your cup....or teapot...or milk jug.... I'm keeping a tight lid on the sugar bowl!!!

Just a little of my Fun and Nonsense to brighten up your

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Paper boats and lacey sails. . .

Thank you everyone for your well wishes.  My man-flu has gone, and left me very tired which is driving me mad.  I have so many things I want to do but have an overwhelming urge to lie down and sleep.  My brain is foggy and I can't concentrate on anything for very long...
My day has consisted of getting up late, watching The Waltons...ahh, I want to live on Waltons mountain and drive around in an old jallopy.  (I do drive around in an old jallopy but it's not as romantic as Pa Waltons truck).  After the Waltons I made Damper bread and had some for lunch...yummy.  I also made some Coffee Cremes for Mr Hollywood.  Did the washing and managed to finish my paper mache Princess.  I didn't know she was a Princess until she insisted I make her a crown.
She then sat down on the shelf above my desk and started to play with my paper boats with lacey sails.
The girls were delighted to have a Princess come to play and Alfie the pink elephant and Deirdre the giraffe wanted to know if the Princess knew where Timbucktoo was...
Anyway I've left them on the shelf happily playing while I go and lie down on the sofa.

I haven't got anything finished to show for Sunday Sketches, so I'm sharing what I done Wednesday... :)

Hope you are having Fun and Nonsense where you

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Baking. . .

I have spent most of the week in bed with flu. I had no ordinary flu I had "Man-Flu" (the nasty, all consuming, moaning, shaking uncontrollably, sweaty, smelly, splitting headache, crawling (yes there was crawling and dribbling) dying very loudly Man-Flu.  I'm sure at one point I did die but no-one was around to see it, so I undied.  Mr Hollywood thought it would be nice to share his man-flu with me. I love, that, man but sometimes I just want to whack him, if I had had the energy to open my eyes and move my arm I would have.  He of course soldiered on to work infecting everyone in his path who hadn't already been infected.  Got to love the generosity of the man....NOT!
I, me, myself, took my man-flu to bed and stayed there. I emerged yesterday like a crumpled butterfly, mangy moth more like and ventured to the sofa and stayed there.
Baker girl is the only thing I've manged to paint this week...hopefully she can magic some food into our empty fridge or it's bread and water till I go shopping on Monday...if I'm well enough of course...

Will be joining Sunday Sketches from the the comfort of my sofa....xx

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Walking the dog. . .

Woof, woof, haahaahaa haa, please can I come with you?  I promise to be good. 
  • I won't pull on the lead
  • I won't sniff every gate post
  • or tree
  • I won't bark at the cat at No 34
  • I won't walk in mud and get my paws dirty
  • I won't jump up at Mrs Biggins, even if I know she's got treats in her pocket
  • I won't roll in that lovely perfum that Mr Fox leaves for me, the one you don't like
  • I won't swim in the pond and chase the ducks
  • I won't sniff other dogs bottoms or growl at them if they get to close to you
I'll be on my bestest behaviour......doggy promise...
and a promise is a promise.... :)

Just a little Fun and Nonsense for Sunday Sketches... xx