Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Christmas is coming. . .

I was chatting to this little girl yesterday morning, who had just happen to wonder onto my page.  We were discussing what colour I should use for her coat, when these three robins crashed in on us and started chirping and tweeting on about finding the Christmas Star. Oh, let my tell you, they were in a right two and eight. They are looking for a special star to put on their Christmas tree. When robins get an idea in their little bird brains, they get quite excited and there is no calming them down. Not even with a nice cup of tea and crumb of Christmas Cake.

I left them to it and put my feet up for awhile...
 Then blow me, if I wasn't interrupted by this little dancer who desperately wanted to be on the top of my tree. I did point out, that she might not like having pine needles shoved up her jaxy. She's was quite adamant, till I stuck her up there. Since then she has been yacking in my ear to make her some reinforced padded knickers.  (Like I've got time to make padded knickers..)
So, what does a girl do when she needs a bit of peace and quiet?....she jolly well pops off to the North Pole to chat to a mate and his reindeer....  And that dear friends is my Christmassy Fun and Nonsense for this week . . .xxx

ps...Hope Christmas isn't biting you in the posterior.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Silent. . .

Strange how the world seems to hold it's breath, just before it starts to snow.  There's that eery silence, not a bird twitter, not a rustling sound in the hedges, just quiet, then those wonderful magical icy crystals start to fall.

It's not snowing here yet, thank goodness. I love the snow when I'm on holiday, not when I have to get to work... Hope your having Fun and Nonsense this

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Suffering to look pretty. . .

 Good Morning, or for me it is nearly good afternoon. Had a late start this morning. Mr Hollywood and I danced the night away, with our dancing friends at a Dinner Dance evening in a local village hall. After not dancing for nearly a year (Mr H has a really bad back) we did manage to do a pretty good  Waltz. Our ChaCha and rock were ok. I also had a lovely partner for the Paso.  Miss not dancing every week.  Father Christmas, if you are listening, Mr H needs a new back.  And I need new feet. Put my three inch sparkly shoes on last so suffering now. It was worth it...I LOVE my shoes.  
They are way to pretty to leave at home.

These little girls popped onto my pages this week. Shame my buildings and perspective is so off. Need to work on that.  These girlies need to get home before dark falls. Home in front of a nice roaring fire, fluffy slippers and a warm cup of soap....

That's my Fun and Nonsense for today. I'm sharing it with Sunday Sketches xx