Friday, 26 November 2010

Where has everyone gone...!

I finally finished it late last night...99 100.  I had things stuck on the other side of the pages, so when I started shading in the trees, I got a bumpy effect like tree bark. For once a happy surprise.
I started this a couple of days ago and still haven't finished it... Will post it again when finished... There really isn't enough time in a day...   Have a good weekend everyone....


sweet limes said...

There really isn't enough time in the day is there? I keep saying they could add more to the clock, but only if it's hours AFTER the kids are down!

Love the little legs hanging out of the tree.

Jehanne's doodles said...

oh very cute.
ahh I second the part about when the kids are down, and add when the hubby is also too busy to need something I repeating myself :D

Gumnut said...

I like the colours and activity in this. Lots of movement.

Thanks for sharing and I hope you find time to do more.

(via AEDM)

Dad24treasures said...

What cute little characters! I love that even your houses look like characters in the story of your drawing :)

I so agree about there not being enough hours in the day! But I'm grateful for AEDM, which has challenged me to FIND some time for art.

Unknown said...

Very sweet! I agree; there are definitely not enough hours in the day!